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Our super team!

We are two crazy women with a great entrepreneurial spirit!

Jordina, a graphic designer by profession, linked throughout her life to the world of textiles, and Mar, an early childhood education teacher, captivated by sewing accessories and children's fashion. The two visible faces behind MagicFabrics.

If you want to know us a little more, follow us on Instagram:@magic.fabricsor contact us

We hope that MagicFabrics makes you enjoy your sewing projects even more.

What we offer?

Children's fabrics with its own character. At MagicFabrics we love difference, imperfection. Our way of being, thinking and acting is natural and responsible with everything that surrounds us, people, products, processes, etc. We love to create, surprise and color the days with our prints. You will see all our character reflected in the exclusive prints what we offer. Do you want to discover us?

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